Online Application for Emerson Program, 23rd class

Upload Application Document

Applications should consist of one .pdf or MS Word document, three pages in length: the first page should be your resume, the second page your personal statement, and the third page your answers to the two short essay questions. Please give your document the filename: Last name_First name_Middle initial.doc, and upload it here.

Resume: Please be certain to include your email address and phone number.

Personal Statement: What values, principles, and personal factors (social, economic, and cultural) have shaped your interest in participating in the Emerson Hunger Fellows Program? What particular qualities, knowledge, experiences, and skills will you contribute to your field and policy placements? How do you expect this fellowship to contribute to your professional goals?

Short Essay Questions:

  1. What role do you believe the government plays or should play in ending hunger?
  2. How have your community work and/or general experiences changed your perspective on poverty over time?